15 minute Lower Body HIIT 7.3.17

Summertime means shorts and skirts, and I know everyone lately has been preoccupied with “thigh gaps”; who has them, who doesn’t, and whether not having one makes you that much closer to being a mermaid.

Your legs and glutes carry you around all day. They are large muscle groups that contribute to everyday movements, balance, and posture, and they’re powerhouses for calorie burning. Training these muscle groups regularly and providing them with sufficient fuel (i.e. food) for growth is essential for developing strong, shapely legs.

So forget about “thigh gaps,” pick up your weights, and do this workout with me. As always, make sure you are using proper form and listening to your body. We are using a kettlebell in this workout, and the first few minutes of the video are instructions and demonstrations for some of the basic movements. Invest the time in practicing until you feel comfortable, and make sure to stretch after the workout!


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