Lower Body Strength Workout 11.20.17

It’s the Monday of a short work week. A holiday is just a few days away and motivation today is LOW, with most of us wanting to check out early and start our celebrations now.

I know. I’m right there with you.

My best advice for this time of year is to get your training out of the way first thing in the morning. It seems counterintuitive, given that it’s very difficult to haul yourself out of bed and into the cold first thing in the morning, but personally I find it MUCH harder to come home at the end of the day and change out of my already-warm clothes into cold gym clothes. That’s a sure recipe for sending me right under the covers with a good book or some Netflix for the night.

For this workout we are using some home gym equipment. I’ve got my dumbbells, kettlebell, power band, and a chair.

If you’re thinking of investing in some equipment to help you stay fit at home, Black Friday Amazon deals are a great place to pick up some of these items. I got several of mine during Prime Day this past summer!

Hit play and sweat with us, and I’ll see you in my next post!


  1. Side step squats, 20
  2. Split squats, 10R / 10L
  3. Glute bridge abductions, 20
  4. Straight-leg deadlift to goblet squat, 15
  5. Hydrant swing out, 10R / 10L

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