Beginner Workout 10.9.17

You asked for it; I heard and listened!

I’ve gotten a few requests for more basic, beginner-level exercises that are low impact and good for people unaccustomed to intense exercise. I tried to accomplish that with today’s workout.

All you’ll need is a chair and something with a little heft that you can hold easily in your hands. I’m using 3lb dumbbells, but you could use something like soup cans or water bottles if you don’t have weights at home.

As I mention in the video, if you’re at a more advanced fitness level this one is great for a recovery day. If you want something more intense, check out the other workouts over on my channel.

Let me know if this fits the bill for you if you’re someone who is looking for an entry-level routine!



  1. Forward lunge to rear leg lift, x10 right and left
  2. Lateral raise to bicep curls x10
  3. Side bend to reach over x6 right and left
  4. Toe tap abs x10

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