Core Workout at Home 9.4.17

I hope you’ve been enjoying your Labor Day Weekend and indulging a little bit. If you need to get yourself moving to utilize some of those extra calories, give this workout a try.

This is a low impact core workout and moves at a slower pace than some of our HIIT-style workouts.

We will be doing 2 rounds of 6 exercises and performing a set number of reps of each exercise. I’m using a 12.5lb dumbbell for some of the exercises for added challenge, but you can still do the moves if you don’t have a weight at home.

Go at your own pace but challenge yourself. Enjoy your workout and I’ll see you back next week with another one!



Plank knee to opposite elbow x20 alternating
Weighted sit up with overhead press x20
Weighted Russian twists x20 alternating
Wood chops x10 right, x10 left
Knee hugs x20
Break dancers x20


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