FIRST IMPRESSION and SWATCHES | Makeup Geek Contour Powders

We all started hearing about Makeup Geek last year when its creator, Marlena, came onto the scene in a BIG way with her foiled eyeshadows. Instagram has never been the same.

Last month she launched her line of contour powders. Available for individual purchase instead of the oh-so-popular contour and highlight palette, Makeup Geek is offering eight different shades in a range from porcelain to deep skin tones.

In the video below I record my first impression of four of the shades (for porcelain and fair skin tones), and compare them to the contour shades in my Lorac Pro contour palette.

DISCLAIMER:  I’m painfully aware of the completely unblended concealer under my right eye in this video! :o) But you don’t get a second chance to capture a first impression, now do you? #YOLO







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