Bodyweight Only HIIT Workout 11.13.17

Guys, this week’s workout is a blast. Honest. It surprised even me with how fun it was.

When we do bodyweight only exercises I try to write combo moves so we’re not just standing there doing static lunges for 45 seconds at a time. Great if your goal is muscular fatigue, not so much if you want a good cardio burn.

Since each of these exercises is a series of combo moves, the time passes quickly and it’s easy to stay focused because you have to keep moving and adapting position.

12 minutes. 4 exercises. 3 rounds. Ready??


  1. Plank up and down, plank jack, frog jump
  2. Crab crunch (alternating sides) to knee taps
  3. Plank thrust, 180 jump, walk out to shoulder push up
  4. Single leg glute bridge, alternating sides

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