Lower Body & Glutes Workout 10.30.17

In case you missed it this past Saturday, I mentioned on my Instagram stories (@exclusivelykell) that this week’s workout is low impact and slower paced than some of my HIIT workouts, so if you’ve found some of those to be too intense for you, definitely give this one a try.

I do use a variety of equipment for this workout. I find that sometimes swapping out equipment between moves keeps me more engaged so I don’t get bored. But if you don’t have anything to use at home, don’t let that stop you. I’ve included some modifications in the list of exercises below that you can try instead.

Enjoy and I’ll be back with another one next Monday!


  1. Side lunge with slider to curtsy lunge with slider, 6R/6L (Modification:  Step out into a side lunge and back into a curtsy lunge without the slider)
  2. Hamstring rolls x15 (Modification:  Glute bridge)
  3. Arch to fire hydrant, 15R/15L (No equipment)
  4. Step up with calf raise (Modification:  Perform without weights using the stairs in your home, or anything that is sturdy and adequate height, i.e. a coffee table)
  5. Seated adductor pulses 20R/20L (No equipment)
  6. Lying abductor lift 20R/20L (No equipment



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