Sliders Workout 10.2.17

Happy Monday, guys. :o) I hope you’re all feeling strong and confident about the rest of your week. If anything got under your skin today, kick it out, be mindful of all your blessings, and re-center.

This workout is low impact but will still push your limits. It did mine. Take on the challenge but listen to your body.

I am using sliders and one 12.5lb dumbbell for these exercises. Sliders can be found on Amazon for about $10, or you can pick up furniture sliders at the hardware store (or steal them from under your couch for half an hour). If you don’t have access to either of these, paper plates and slick hardback books (think Dr. Seuss) work well if you’re on carpet. If you’re on hard flooring, fold up a washcloth or dish towel to slide around on.

Let me know what you think in the comments or take a picture and tag me @exclusivelykell over on Instagram. See you soon!




  1. Wide mountain climber to spinal twist x20
  2. Plank slide to hip lift x10
  3. Side lunge/rear lunge/curtsy lunge x10 each side
  4. Push up dumbbell drag x10
  5. Hamstring slide-in x15

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