Bodyweight Only HIIT Workout 9.25.17

It’s time for another bodyweight only workout. I’m taking away your excuses right and left.

In this workout I’m using a chair for split squats, but if you don’t have a sturdy chair or table, or you simply find them too uncomfortable for your fitness level, you can just do a static lunge instead.

This workout is really a lot of fun. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re struggling. Your endurance and strength will build over time. That’s the beauty of these bodyweight only workouts; even if you can do just one or two reps right now, you will work up to cranking out the full 45 seconds with me. So keep working at it. Don’t ever give up!



  1. Prisoner get-ups
  2. Pike push up / side plank hip drop
  3. Skater jumps
  4. Split squats, right leg
  5. Split squats, left leg
  6. Plank jack / crab crunch

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