Lower Body Strength Workout 9.18.17

Hey guys. So this is the first time I’m posting a workout that I think will be too intense for folks who are beginners. If you’re at a beginner level and want to go through it with me, modify the movements to suit your fitness level. I recommend performing the movements without the plyo (i.e. jumping) elements, and mastering them with your bodyweight only before adding weight.

If you’re a little more advanced on your fitness journey, kick your a$$ with me on this. I was STRUGGLING.

Exercise list is below. Make sure you find me on Instagram @exclusivelykell; I’ve been a lot more active on stories over there and have been including some food and exercise ideas along with general fun. :o)



Relevé sumo squat x10
Static side lunges x20 each side
Forward and backward lunge x10 each side
Jump jack, belly drop, plank jack x10
Kneel, lunge, knee up x10 each side


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