Full Body Foam Roll Routine 8.14.17

This week we are working on rolling, stretching, and recovering our muscles. Like anything else, you can’t continue working at high intensities and continue seeing progress without allowing time to fully recuperate.

The best way to help your muscles recover is to get blood flowing to them without overexerting them. Foam rolling is a great way to do that. Foam rolling has the added benefit of working out knots and tight spots which, if left untreated, can become worse and cause muscular imbalances as other muscles work to compensate for the tightened muscles.

I hope you enjoy this! :o) I’ll be back with another intense workout next week! If you need some exercise routines to get you through until then, check out some of my other posts or head over to YouTube and pick something from the workout playlists!




Calf rolls x20
Lateral calf rolls x20
Shin rolls x20
Hamstring rolls x20
Seated forward bend
Right and Left sides:  Hip flexion with band x10; Lateral side drop with band x10; Knee extension with band x10
Seated forward bend
Right and Left sides:  Glute rolls with ball x20
Quad rolls x20
Right and Left sides:  IT band roll x20 and hold
Right and Left sides:  Low lunge hip flexor stretch
Right and Left sides:  Lower back roll x20
Seated forward bend
Thoracic rolls x20
Standing forward bend
Basic flow with spinal twist


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