Upper Body 8.7.17

Attention:  Ladies!

I’ve talked before about the postural importance of strong glutes. And we all know how great it feels to have a nice butt when you wear a pair of shorts or a bikini. But on social media lately it’s gotten to the point you might think the squat is the only exercise women should be doing.

A lot of women neglect their upper body in the gym because they are afraid they will get “bulky”. In case you haven’t heard by now, that is absolutely, 100% NOT going to happen. Our bodies don’t support that kind of muscle growth without serious assistance and time, and to be honest, there are plenty of men who struggle to pack on the muscle, too.

I promise you will not *poof* into bodybuilder arms if you pick up a weight.

The fact that this misinformed opinion still abounds genuinely baffles me.

So this week we are focusing on strengthening our upper bodies, which is just as important for good posture and athleticism. This is a challenging workout that you can do at home using only dumbbells. Push yourself, mind your form, and have fun!



Shoulder push-up to breakdancer, x10
Elevated push-up to bent row, x10
Bicep curl x2, Upright row x2, lower body jumping jack; x10
Alternating shoulder press, boxer punches, x20
Seated overhead tricep extension, x20
Single arm row, x15 (right and left sides)


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