At Home Glute Workout | 7.31.17

This week’s workout is all about the glutes and posterior chain muscles. Too often I see women who just want their legs to be skinny, and I’m telling you that their focus is in the wrong place.

Remember that your glutes are largely responsible for supporting your lower back and help to ensure good posture. Our bodies are made to stand, jump, squat, and twist, and all of those movements require strong, agile lower body muscles. Just being “skinny” ignores the holistic view of your overall health and wellbeing.

Do this workout with me to strengthen these important muscles (and yeah, also so you feel confident in shorts!). The equipment I’m using is totally optional. You can do each of these exercises using only your bodyweight, so there is no excuse not to give them a try. Challenge yourself, mind your form, and have fun!


3 rounds:
Goblet squats x20
Lying leg lifts to leg lift extensions (clamshell extensions) 20/20
Single leg glute bridges, 20/20
Reverse burpee x10
Heel Raises, 25/25


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