Strength and Balance Sliders Workout | 7.24.17

Balance is often overlooked as an important facet of a well-rounded fitness routine. Exercises like the ones in this video engage your stabilizing muscles and add an extra element to each movement. Not only are you strengthening the targeted muscles, but others are working double time to maintain your balance.

Sliders are an affordable addition to your at home workout equipment that will help with your balance training when used appropriately.

I purchased mine on Amazon here:



Sliders (or use paper plates, dish towels, etc)
Kettlebell or dumbbells


Reverse lunge with pass under x20
Sliding Glute Bridge x20
Triangle plank slides x10
5 mountain climbers, rows x10 alternating rows
Curtsy lunge to calf raise x20
Plank arm circles x20

Repeat for 2 rounds


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  1. Ahh this looks like such a good workout! I can’t wait to try it once my foot is healed 🙂

    Have a great day!


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