Core Workout Using Swiss Ball | 7.17.17

I have another core workout for you guys this week. I’ve incorporated the use of a Swiss ball (also known as a stability ball). They are fantastic for your core and for building stronger abs. The ball forces your muscles to stabilize your body throughout the range of motion during each exercise, so you are working the muscles and making them stronger in ways you don’t even realize while you’re doing it.

If you don’t have a Swiss ball, you can find good ones online for under $20 and they are totally worth the investment. I purchased the ball that I’m using on Amazon. I’ve tried several and this one has lived up to my expectations. Order the appropriate size for your height; mine is 65cm.

However, if you want to dive into this workout right now, just perform each move without the stability ball. Substitute a pillow for the moves that require you to grip the ball between your knees or ankles. Prop your feet or shoulders (as appropriate) on the edge of a couch, chair, or coffee table when I’m propping mine on the ball.

My abs were sore for two days after doing this workout. I hope you enjoy the challenge!



Overhead ball pass, x20

Crunches, feet on ball, x20

Hip raises, ball between feet, 20

20 kettlebell swings (or squat jumps)

Ball windshield wipers, x20

Back extension with rotation, x20

Hip thrusters, shoulders on ball, x20

20 kettlebell swings (or squat jumps)

Perform 2 rounds.



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