15-minute Bodyweight HIIT 7.10.17

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a refreshing weekend. I had a lot of fun filming this one for you guys. This workout requires bodyweight only, so you won’t need any equipment other than a mat for comfort on some of the exercises.

This is a 15-minute HIIT style workout. For those who are new to the concept, High Intensity Interval Training is an exercise method that alternates intervals of all-out, full-effort work, followed by a shorter interval of rest. This workout is made up of 3 rounds of 5 exercises. We will perform each exercise for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest and transitioning to the next movement.

Challenge yourself and always be mindful of your form. The goal is to make progress. Try to improve upon what you were able to do last week or a month ago, and don’t worry about the path that someone else is on.

Workout breakdown is below the video. Have fun!



Cobra roll to glute bridge

Side plank hip drop,  push up, 3 mountain climbers, switch sides

3 switch lunges to donkey kick

Knee-knee, foot-foot x2, tuck jump

V-sit to cross punches


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