Blue Cheese Peach Bites

The sharp flavor of blue cheese pairs beautifully with the sweet, tangy flavors of fresh fruit. Fresh fruit abounds in summertime and I picked up some really delicious, perfectly ripe peaches at the grocery store. Toss these ingredients together for a light and refreshing snack that looks fancy but takes less than 5 minutes!


1 yellow peach
2 kale leaves
Crumbled blue cheese
Toothpicks (if you want to be fancy)


Tear apart your kale leaves into pieces slightly larger than bite-size that will cradle a thin slice of peach.

Slice your peach and lay each slice atop a piece of torn kale. Skewer the peach and kale with a toothpick to make for easy eating.

Scatter about 1 tsp of blue cheese crumbles over top of each skewered bite. You can also just chop up the kale, dice the peaches, and put the blue cheese over top of it all in a big bowl for a nice (and transportable!) salad.

Peaches finished.jpg


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