12 Minute Upper Body HIIT At Home 6.26.17

For this week’s workout we’re using timed intervals rather than rep counts. This helps to keep you moving even when you want to stop. Sometimes telling yourself that you only have so many seconds left is more motivating than telling yourself you have to get through a certain number of repetitions. It can be more conducive to working at your own pace and just doing what you can. If you’ve got 5 reps in you, that’s fantastic. Got 15? Crank ’em out. It doesn’t matter either way, as long as you are pushing yourself as hard as you can go.

As always, watch your form, have fun, and I’ll see you back next week!


Side lunge to overhead press

Jump lunge to bicep curl x2

Bicep curl to upright row to chair squat

Skull crushers x2 to glute bridge x2


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