15 Minute Full Body AMRAP Workout

This week I have another full body workout for you guys. I love these ones because when they’re over I feel like I’ve given all of my muscles the attention they so deserve. And since it’s only for fifteen minutes, I don’t get bored.

This workout aims to combine fast-paced movement that will get your heart rate up with strength training movements to build muscle. To get the most out of this workout you’re going to want two sets of dumbbells, one that feels challenging for you and one that is a bit lighter. Since it’s an AMRAP workout, you want to move as fast as you can through the movements without sacrificing your form to get through As Many Rounds As Possible in the fifteen minutes given.

Enjoy your workout, watch your form, and have fun!



3 mountain climbers to plank jack, x10

Reverse lunge to rows, hinged forward, x20 alternating

Sumo squat jump, x20

Side lunge to tricep kickback, x20 alternating

Speed Skaters x3 to side leg lift, x10 alternating

Plank walk to shoulder tap, x10


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