Stretching and Warm Up Routine

It’s important that you guys are warming up before doing these workouts with me so I wanted to make sure you had a routine you could do. You can move through this sequence before a workout, in the morning when you’re waking up, or any time that you’re feeling stiff and want to loosen up.

This is a combination of dynamic and static stretches. Some may feel challenging, so remember to be patient and don’t push your body into a range of motion it isn’t ready for. Flexibility will come with time. And don’t worry, the routine usually takes less than 10 minutes once you have the movements down. The video is taken at a slow instructional pace to make sure you know what you’re doing. :o)



Chin to chest, ears to shoulders, chin to shoulders, x10
Cat cow, x 10
Thoracic Bridge to seated forward bend, x 6 alternating
Standing forward bend with shoulder opener, to Halfway Lift, to Mountain with Arms Up, x10
Wide stance toe touches, x10 alternating sides
Deep side lunges, x10 alternating sides
Triangle Preparation to Triangle Pose, x10 each side
Hamstring walks, x20
Seated forward bend to supported shoulder stand, x10


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