At Home Full Body AMRAP Workout

This workout is only 12 minutes long, but turned out to be much more intense than I’d anticipated when I wrote it. The intensity of this workout comes largely from the amount of weight that you use. I am using 12.5lb dumbbells and you can see how I struggle toward the end! Challenge yourself to use a weight that feels heavy for you. If it becomes too intense, you can always put the weights down for a few reps and pick them up again when you’ve recovered.

Have fun, watch your form, and always strive to improve!



Exercise Breakdown

Prisoner Get-Ups x10

Weighted backward lunge, knee up, plank rows, x10 alternating sides

Side plank jump, alternating sides, to tricep kickback, x10

Weighted curtsy lunge with bicep curl, alternating sides, to standing upright row, x10


Do as many rounds as possible for 12 minutes


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