Bodyweight Only At-Home HIIT Workout

For as much as I drone on about health and fitness, I figured it’s about time to put my PT certification to use and post some workouts from time to time.

This is an interval training workout that won’t require any equipment and is designed to be low impact. You can modify it a bit (as I show in the video) to increase the impact if you want to.

It is a 15-minute workout doing 45 second intervals of work, followed by 15 seconds of rest. I like working out this way because I can challenge myself to do as much as possible during the working interval while knowing there is a definite stopping point head!

If you missed it on YouTube earlier today, here it is again:


  1. Plank jack, pike hips, knee touch
  2. Burpee, reverse lunge, switch lunge, alternating L&R
  3. Corkscrews
  4. Toe touch to side crunch, alternating L&R
  5. Step-Step-Squeeze

Let me know in the comments how you did and if there are any types of workouts you would like to see on here. Have fun with this!


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