I’ve read articles for years about how you can take just a few items of clothing and get a week or more of varied outfits out of them, without it being blatantly obvious that you’re recycling.

I think I’m starting to get the hang of this.



To start, I chose two contrasting pairs of pants; one from the warm family, one from the cool. I think if I had gone with the caramel pants with, say, an army green, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the contrast I was going for. You can shop the pants and other items at the links down at the bottom of this post.

I chose three different tops that could match either pair of pants (although truthfully, the striped sweater matched the gray pants far better than the caramel ones).


outfit-3a-of-5I also made sure that the tops were distinctly different from one another in style and color. One was a red cotton v-neck with three-quarter length sleeves that fit loosely through the torso. The second was a creamy cashmere. The third, a fitted turtleneck sweater boasting horizontal gray stripes.








I chose two scarves in different colors and patterns to keep things varied. I felt it would be more obvious that I was repeating things if they were both solid colors, and truly I only had one patterned scarf that I liked!

I threw in a black tote and a cream tote. As with the scarves, I felt that being able to alternate accessories kept the recycled pieces fresh.





And (because we can never forget about shoes!) a nude patent heel worked beautifully across the board.

For all three tops, a cream lace-trimmed camisole really added a little something at the neck and/or hemline. It added an element of femininity, while also serving to create more varied texture in the outfit.






I kept jewelry very simple; studded pearl earrings and a leather Pandora bracelet. I struggle with the necklace + scarf combination when the scarf is an accessory, rather than functional for warmth. Likewise scarf + earrings, unless the earrings are studs. For me, dangles and hoops are perpetually caught in the scarf when I turn my head. Does anyone else have this problem??!



What I especially love about learning how to do this is its amazing potential for travel. Looking at this spread, I have to believe it would all fit into a small carry-on with relative ease.



Especially since I now know the right way to pack a suitcase!



Lace trimmed cami: http://bit.ly/lacetrimcami

Red v-neck sweater (similar):  http://bit.ly/redvneck

Cream Cashmere sweater:  http://bit.ly/cashmeresweater

Striped turtleneck sweater (in black):  http://bit.ly/2j9FydV

American Eagle x4 Sateen pants:  http://on.ae.com/2iH1boY

Gianni Bini nude patent pumps:  http://bit.ly/2hWp0u3

H&M Plaid Scarf (similar):  http://bit.ly/2iJUQaf

Coach Mickie Tote (purchased second-hand)

Black Victoria’s Secret Tote (free gift with purchase!)

Green Pashmina (purchased years ago)


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