On Vlogmas Day 4 I finally caved and braved the shopping mall. Items that I’ve been ordering either haven’t been fitting properly or shipments were cancelled when the stores sold out. I had some specific ensembles in mind, so I needed something to replace the items that weren’t working out.

I found what I needed in that regard, and picked up a couple of other things, too.

Lesson learned: don’t just pick up a couple of other things, too.

Walking around the stores I thought I had put together a cute little outfit for date night. When I got home and put it together, I didn’t care for how it matched at all.

Have you ever noticed when you try things on in Sephora using their rose-tinted ring lights, every product looks like a dream, but when you get it home in your normal house or office lighting it’s only so-so?

I’m convinced that fitting rooms can have the same effect if you’re not careful.

Obviously you can’t expect to be able to buy all pieces of every outfit from the same store to ensure that they match. And as you get a better feel for what’s in your closet, maybe it gets easier to mix and match on-the-go without too much consideration.

But for now, these are starting to seem like good rules:

1) Bring what you need to the store with you. If you’ve got a great pair of pants you want to find a top to go with, wear the pants to go shopping for the top.

2) Always consider what shoes you’ll be able to wear with the outfit.

3) Think about how you’re going to accessorize it.

4) Never buy just one piece, unless you already have something great to go with it. Buy whole outfits.

I failed on some of these fronts today, but was still able to put together a cute and cozy outfit for date night on Vlogmas Day 4. :o)


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