I’m Showing You My Underwear | 12 Days of Vlogmas | Day 2

I’m coming across loads of tips in part one of Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me. Many of them I can see being useful in the next few weeks as I plan to travel for the holidays and have a New Year’s Eve wedding to attend, so I’m holding off diving into those sections until then. I hope you don’t mind me skipping around a bit.

While I’m waiting for some of my orders to come in with some of my first attempts at wardrobe improvement, I’ve arrived at the section of part one that Van der Post has tastefully entitled, “Underpinnings.”

In many ways, the theme here is no different than what she preaches about all other aspects of the wardrobe; purchase quality, purchase minimally, and purchase in coordination.

I posted yesterday about the blackout that inexplicably occurs when we come across a sale sign for shoes. Well, I’ll admit that the same phenomenon has overtaken me when it comes to the panty tables at Victoria’s Secret. Why spent $60 on one bra when I can spend that amount on ten more panties?

Well, as many of you may have seen on my YouTube channel over the summer, I underwent a breast augmentation surgery. So new bras are officially a requirement.

According to Van der Post, the collection can be kept very simple “unless one has an extraordinary variety of necklines to cope with.” She recommends one white bra in cotton, one black in a material called Tactel to wear under fitted tops (I’m still investigating what exactly that is),* one nude, and one strapless or multi-way bra. She adds, “Then you need a divinely pretty one for those days when . . . you never know what may happen.”

Wink, wink.

She concludes with the recommendation to have two pairs of panties that match each bra.

I’m choosing to interpret this as a starting point, as the core of what could become a more varied and interesting lingerie collection. That said, as with the rest of my wardrobe, in the past I’ve skipped over the basics and now find myself with a random assortment of pieces that aren’t always suitable. So I’m going to try to conquer that as part of Day 2 of the 12 Days of Vlogmas.

*Tactel is a registered trademark for a fiber that is lighter and softer than cotton and feels like smooth nylon to the touch. So . . . pretty much 90% of the bras in Victoria’s Secret.


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