What is “online” personal training, anyway?

What is online personal training, and how does it work?

You might be asking yourself, how can someone train me without being in the gym next to me?

If you’ve ever looked up a workout online, copied the exercises of a YouTube host, or followed along to a group training video, you’ve already answered your question.

The principle is the same. I’ll tell you what to do and guide you on how to do it; you just have to get it done.

So how do I customize my plans to an individual if I’m not actually meeting them in person?

When you sign up for a program, you’ll receive a fitness questionnaire not unlike what you’d be asked to fill out by a trainer in a gym. Some of the questions may even seem irrelevant, but they all give me information I need to assess your current fitness levels.

Then, just like an in-person trainer, I design a workout for you based on the information you’ve given me. The number of reps and sets and the amount of weight I ask you to lift are, at first, best estimate guesses of what you’re capable of based on your feedback in the questionnaire. In the workout plan you’ll receive from me, I mention this and remind you that you should be WORKING to push out those last 3-5 reps. If you’re flying through a set no problem, increase the weight! If you’re struggling to even complete half of a set, reduce the weight until you build your strength. Listen to your body!

And guess what? This is how the in-person trainers operate, too.

So, what’s the benefit of working with someone remotely?

It’s less intimidating. Personal training can be intimidating, especially for first-time gym-goers, even to the point that it discourages attendance. How many times have you seen a trainer working with a client in your gym and thought to yourself, Man, I’d love their input on my workout, I just don’t want them hanging around while I do it?

Cost is another huge advantage to working with me online. Individual sessions with a certified trainer in a gym can run you in the neighborhood of $45 per half-hour session. (This may be more or less depending on where you live and where you train.) If you want a workout designed by a certified trainer multiple times per week (or even per month!), that expense can rack up quickly. Those costs go toward paying the gym that’s hosting the trainer, general overhead, and the trainer’s time. I’m able to offer competitive pricing because I don’t have to pay rent to a gym. And since you’ll be working out on YOUR schedule, you’re saving on my time as well.

Which brings me to my next point: Scheduling is so much easier when we work together online. Everybody has a unique schedule. Do you work third shift and like to workout before you go in for the night? Maybe you’re at home with little ones and have thirty minutes to squeeze something in while they nap. Or maybe you’ve got a regular 9-5 but all the trainers at your gym are booked during those peak hours from 4-7pm!

Whatever issues you have scheduling time to exercise, why make it harder by having to coordinate that schedule with your trainer? By having a week’s worth of custom workouts in advance, you can schedule your gym time whenever makes the most sense for YOU.

And remember, I’m just an e-mail away! If you have questions, don’t understand or don’t like an exercise, I AM available to you throughout the week! I may not be hovering over you in the gym, but I won’t be radio silent, either. I’m here to offer support and guide you to success!

Still have questions or uncertainties? No problem! Shoot me an e-mail at 24karatkelly@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to respond to any of them.

Head over to www.cutfitnessllc.com to review program options and get some more details.

And don’t forget about the 25% off grand opening discount! There are still some spots left, so enter code CUTTHECRAP at checkout to get in!


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