Getting into Bulk Season | Growing the Back

As you know by now from my most recent posts, I’m officially OFF my competition diet and back to the land of peanut butter and nightly Arctic Zero.

After the competition I got right back into the gym, but my diet stayed on vacation. I didn’t track anything for the whole first week; if I wanted it, I ate it.

I was surprised to find that after several days of that, I was longing for the structure, simplicity, and nutrition of my cut diet. I thought I’d eaten enough fish and asparagus over the course of the past fourteen weeks that if I never had to eat it again it would be too soon.

But as my depleted muscle bellies filled back up and my stage-shredded appearance faded away, I started to notice a couple of things. First, I felt STRONG in the gym again. Workouts that had tested the limits of my willpower a couple of weeks ago suddenly felt good again. I could feel the strength of my muscles contracting with each repetition and it was amazing.

The second thing I noticed, though, was that my other internal “stuff” wasn’t feeling all that great. My trusty Fitbit started reporting that my sleep was restless. My resting heart rate started to climb. And *ahem* my digestive system was less than pleased.

So after a week or so of unrestricted face-stuffing bliss, I started incorporating my clean veggies and lean proteins again. Not only did this immediately start to correct those problems, but I also realized that it will go a lot further toward my off-season goals.

Check out my latest video here to hear me talk about them. I also got some footage of a great lineup of back exercises!

Talk soon,



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