Spring Break | Packing Tips

Hey guys, good to see you again!

I know I’ve been unforgivably MIA for the past two weeks. March has flown by and been busier than January and February combined!

I did actually film my February Favorites video last week, but all of my intentions to edit and post it fell completely apart when we went out of town for a long weekend. Between packing, getting the house cleaned (does anyone else do that before they leave for vacation?), and running those last-minute errands, the video just didn’t happen.

So now that I’m back and have completed the dreaded unpacking process, I thought I’d share the tip that’s been most helpful to me when packing for trips. After all, it is spring break season and I’m sure plenty of you will be headed to the airport!

1) Make a list of what I know I’m going to be doing on the trip. For instance, last weekend’s activities spanned everything from sipping beer on the beach to attending a wedding.

2) I like to create columns with headers describing what I’m going to need the outfit for, and then listing the elements of the outfit that I’m going to need to pack. Like so:

Airport – Saturday AM

Bomber jacket
green tank top
boyfriend capris
camo shoes w. half socks
green purse
long gold necklace
honeycomb ring
gold earrings
gold/brown leather bangles
strapless bra

Yes, I list everything from the kind of panties I need to the jewelry I intend to wear. Otherwise, I end up without a strapless bra when I desperately need one, or with neon panties under a see-through dress.

3) Lay out the outfits and take a picture. This seems like an unnecessary step, but expands upon my previous point about knowing what you need. Have you ever packed something to wear on a trip, tucked it into one of a dozen little travel bags, and left it forgotten at the bottom of the suitcase until you got home and unpacked? Just me? Oh well.

I find that having a picture to reference while I’m away from home is really helpful. When I’m looking at a bunch of rolled up clothes in a suitcase, it’s hard to remember what I intended to wear with what. Now that we all have camera phones, this just seems like a fun and easy thing to do.

Here are some of the outfits I laid out for my trip! (If you don’t want to catch a glimpse of my lingerie, now’s the time to  check out!)

2015-03-13 14.11.32 2015-03-13 14.11.46 2015-03-13 14.11.17 2015-03-13 14.10.52

What are some of your favorite packing tips?!

Missed posting for you guys so much!




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