January Favorites | Kelly’s Gold Medalists

Hey, gorgeous! Can you believe there are only two days left in January? I’ve spent the past few weeks trying out some new products (and continuing to use some old ones!) and I’ve chosen ten to review for you this month as my Gold Medalists for January.

The video is now live on my YouTube channel, but here’s a sneak peak!





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  1. So, I had another party recently, and we wanted to test the mascara, brush vs formula, what makes the lash love so amazing?
    My model had auburn hair, with really lightly colored, short, sparse lashes.
    Unfortunately, we only had traditional mascara wands to test with.
    However, even with the regular wand, the lash love was darker, smoother, and kept the lashes separated and pronounced.
    There will be a test 2.0, because I ordered more mascara wands like the lash love comb kind.
    It was really fun, I can’t wait to try this experiment with the brushes too 🙂


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