Hot for the Holidays: Post 6

We’re almost halfway through December! And that means that holiday party season is in full swing. Fancy food, drinks, and desserts, on someone else’s dime? It’s a free-for-all.

Knowing this, many of us will decide to skip dinner so we can fully enjoy ourselves at the party. But unless it’s a fancy dinner party where you will actually be served a meal (i.e. you’ll be using silverware and sitting at a table), chances are good that the setup will be more conducive to snacking than dining. And guess what? Party snacks aren’t designed to satiate you! They’re rarely nutritionally balanced (if they have any nutritional value at all), so you stay hungry and keep going back for “just one more bite.”

So how can you make sure that you won’t graze all night at a party? The solution seems obvious:  Eat at home before you go, right? Maybe. But check out my video to find out why I don’t usually go that route and to hear what I do instead!


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