Hot for the Holidays: Post 2

Hey guys!! Welcome back for the second post in this series!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you know what that means. It’s the kickoff for the weight-gaining time of the year. Half of what you see tells you to eat, eat, eat! The other half tells you to stop eating any treats at all because the average person puts on 10lbs between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

Let’s take a collective deep breath, shall we?

Feeling a little bloated around the middle, or like your pants are a little tight? It might not be because you’re ACTUALLY packing on fat. Check out my video for more details, and enjoy your holiday tomorrow! (Please be warned, about halfway through the sound wasn’t syncing properly. I have no idea why and it’s super annoying, so please bear with me!)

Tips for fighting the bloat??

  • Just because there’s way more food available than usual doesn’t mean you have to EAT way more than usual. Portion size is key. Sample the desserts and snacks, but remember that your stomach size is the same as it was yesterday.
  • Don’t food coma after eating a meal! Go for a walk, play with the kids, or help the hostess clean up (I promise he or she will appreciate it)! The point is just to keep moving and keep that metabolism going. It will help you digest and burn off what you just ate!
  • There are LOTS of carbs on a traditional Thanksgiving table. When you fill your plate, make sure that at least half of it is covered with the veggies and turkey (or whatever protein you guys eat). This will help you to feel full on the good stuff so you don’t binge on the butter and rolls.

Do you have any tips for how to beat the bloat during the holidays??? I’d love to hear them!

POST EDIT: I forgot to post the link to the OMRON monitor. 🙂 Here you go!


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