The Power of “No”

Good morning! This isn’t part of the Hot for the Holidays series, but I think that the message is HIGHLY applicable to the holiday season, even though it’s probably the hardest time of the year to put it into practice.

There is always going to be pressure to do things on someone else’s schedule, or because someone else thinks you should be doing them, or because you want everyone to be happy and you’re trying to keep the peace.

But at what cost?

I think what most people overlook is that when you’re trying to please everyone else by saying “yes” to every explicit or implied request that you get, you (almost without exception) have to start saying no to yourself.

So try to keep that in mind this season and always. When you start to feel hassled and stressed, see if there is something that you can just say “no” to that will alleviate the strain. Never forget to put yourself first.


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