Hot for the Holidays: Post 1

Happy Friday, everyone!! This is the FIRST POST in my Hot for the Holidays series that I’ll be putting up over the course of the next five or six weeks.

As I mention in the video, the purpose of Hot for the Holidays is to put together an assortment of motivational ideas for beauty and physical fitness throughout the holidays (the season when everyone gorges themselves on tasty treats)!

Hope you enjoy and talk soon! *muah*



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  1. I have always looked at those, but never purchased them! I use my MK Satin Hands set on my feet. But I also bought something else called Heel Tastic at Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s a solid lotion bar that you twist the bottom to get the product to be accessible at the top. It’s nice, it has a eucalyptus/minty smell to it.
    Great post! Can’t wait to try your suggestion. No hooves this winter!


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